Medical Optical Device System Development


Concept to Commercialization

Lighthouse Imaging is a leading contract developer of medical optical systems for medicaldevice manufacturers.

Our goal is to design optical medical devices for our clients to be commercially viable. We pride ourselves in our industry experience that helps us create optical medical devices for the market and not just for research purposes.

Lighthouse Imaging offers full cycle product development from concept to commercialization. Our optical medical device design team takes an idea or blueprint and take it through the full development process within our own facilities. Lighthouse Imaging has extensive expertise with endoscopic system development including 3D cameras, cameras for surgical robots, high resolution endoscopic systems and microscopic chip on tip cameras. Our engineers provide the expertise to not only design systems for functionality but also design them to be commercially viable. This means that the entire design process, from scope to scale, is conceived with the goal of bringing a product to the market.

Optical Imaging System Expertise

Our engineering team has experience with: miniature visualization systems, optical systems for surgical robots, chip-on-tip endoscopic systems, optical lens design and 3D systems.

Our design process from the proof of concept to manufacturing, is completed with continuous risk assessment and controls to make the submission process simple. Our flexible and proficient engineering staff allows us to assign the best team possible for each project. This ensures that our clients are provided with the best resources to fit their needs.

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